The Intention of the Groove Guest List is to give you
an opportunity to give Roland feedback about this site
and Roland Groove products.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide product support
online or answer specific questions. However since we
get so many comments from users we thought it would be
helpful to post the answers to frequently asked questions.

If you need assistance with your Roland product please
contact by phone the Roland distributor that is in your
country. Each Roland distributor has product support
staff that can answer your questions quickly by telephone.
The phone numbers of your countries distributor is listed
in the back of your products manual. If you are in the
United States and you want to ask specific product
questions, call us at (323) 685-5141, extension 2770.


Q:I'm a beginner and just purchased the Roland
MC-303 and would like to know of it's capabilities. I
also need  info on samplers (i.e. "what's the purpose",
"which will work best with my setup", etc.) and
computer software. My eagerness to learn will not
soon be quenched and any  info would really be a
help and be
greatly appreciated.

A:We have Supplemental notes, Video Owners Manuals
and many other kinds of support materials for the MC-303
and many other Roland products. Go to our Groove
support and Roland  Corporation US's Webpages for
the support


CHAMPION of Europe.
Have a nice Day

FARO...European GROOVEBOX Champion

A:Congratulations! Check out FARO's website.


Q:Any hope for a JX-305 rackmount/module ala
the JP-8080?

A:That would be the MC-505! Check it out.


Q:Dear Roland

I just bought a wonderful 505 and I would like to
ask  you a couple of questions:

1 Is there an editor/librarian for this great machine?
2 Do you think it's possible to record a sequence made
with cakewalk right into the machine's memory?
(I wish I could have the flexibility of cakewalk
joined to the portability of the mc505)

Thank you for existing

A: There is a Mac/PC editor for the MC-505 by Emagic
that  works with their Sounddiver software . You can get
this from emagic at:


Q:Hey what's up? nice site.

I'm looking for somebody in the Boston area to teach
me some tips and tricks on the MC 303 and 505....If ya
know of a place or a person that can teach me please
let me know....

It's difficult for us to know where all the knowledgeable
groovemakers are in the U.S., however it might be a good
idea to check with a local Roland dealer and see if they
know of  local person who knows the MC-505.

A:You might also want to sign up with the MC-505 or
MC-303  mailing list, MC-505 at :

MC-303 at :

Both of these groups are an excellent source for information
about how to get maximum use of your MC-505 and MC-303.


Q:What happened to the Roland groove intro?
Put it back on.....

A:We got a lot of feedback that people were tired of it.
Unless we hear otherwise it won't return.


Q:The JP-8000 patch program ... is it only on WIN Os
or can I  get it for my Mac Os ?? please reply! I am in a
big need of it...

A:Unfortunately Roland only has a Windows version of
this program.

Q:Hey do you know where I can download a sample
of a Roland  product? If you do let me know thanks

A:If you are looking for audio demos of the Groove
products.  They are being added to the individual pages
of the products.  You can also order Demo videos and the
new Groove CD to hear  these products at work. You also
check out music from Groove  product owners such as
this MC-505 site :

Q:I have a website dedicated to the SP808 with tons
o stuff on it (including a mailinglist AND wishlist, ahem..)

A:Be sure to check out this cool SP-808 web page and
get on the  SP-808 mailing list to share ideas.


Q:I need your opinion about the MC 505. Is the MC 505
what I  really need? Or should I get the JX 305? What do
you think?

This is what I'm looking for:

1. I want to create my own dance versions of Pop/Rock
2. I want to perform this songs live.
3. I'm forming a band with a Gear J (myself to control all
of the gear and sound equipment), a guitarist and a singer.
The purpose of these last two is to give our performances
a certain human touch and interaction with the crowd while
adding to all the "electronica" sound.
4. I want to pre-program the drum, bass and keyboard parts
at home. Then just call each song up during performance.
The guitarist and the singer will perform over it while I
control all the gear and do some extra things as needed.
5. I'll be looking to perform for up to 3 hours non-stop.

A:Either the JX-305 or MC-505 will suit your needs.
Check out the spec's on both products here at Roland
Groove and see what fit's your needs best.


Q:Is it possible to make full use of all the 505 patches
within cakewalk home studio, with the ability to record?
If so is it possible to obtain suitable drivers/definitions?

A:Check with Cakewalk at for information on drivers and definitions  at:

Q:I would like to be able to speak on line with someone
regarding  questions about my MC505, but I have not
found any way to do this. I have what may be problems
with my board. I would like to be able to post a question or
contact support via internet and e mail.

Maybe it's just a button I'm neglecting to push, although,
I don't think so. This would make my Roland experience

A:While we would like to do online support, it isn't possible
for us to do this and answer the many questions we get
on the phone here at Roland U.S.

Call Product Support and get quick and immediate support
at  (323) 685-5141, Ext 2770.


I'm new on the net. Your site is great.
I'd like to be informed of all you do. mailing list?

Can you help me synchronizing my MC-505 and my new
PC? Cable is  right but the setup of Cubase VST or
SoundForge does not work.

A:Roland doesn't run a mailing list for the MC-505, however
there is one already with plenty of information available at

MC-505 at :

There is also plenty of information in the MC-505 in the
Support section of the Groove Web site. Be sure to check
out the MC-505 video owners manual.

Q:I recently purchased a Roland SP-808 and have yet
to figure  the thing out, not to mention I have misplaced the
user's manual. Could somebody please give me some
direction how I might learn  this instrument. I would like to
purchase another manual or better, a video manual.


A:You can order manuals from Roland U.S. by phone at
323 685-5141, Ext 2289. See details on ordering the SP-808
Video owners manual in the Groove Support section.
Q:How about a travel case for the Roland MC-505!

A:We have a softcase for the MC-505, DJ-2000 and the
SP-808. It's called the Groovebag. Call the Roland
Superstore for ordering  details at (800) 386-7575.
Q:I'd love the sp-808 to have wave-editing capabilities
in it system software, how about for the next update?

A:While the SP-808 does have sampling editing capabilities
you might  want to consider getting the free SP-808 wave converter for the Mac or PC and use a computer editor for sophisticated sample editing.
I bought a MC-505 Groovebox
Do you have a patches names listing that Cubase may
plug into Cubase 4.00.
Thank you

A:We don't create lists for 3rd party companies. You might
want to check with Steingberg/Jones to see if they have
created a Mixer map for the MC-505.