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The DJ-1000 Professional DJ Mixer gives DJ's, remixers, and electronic musicians a professional-quality two-channel mixer with a built-in digital BPM counter, MIDI syncing capabilities and analog synth-type filtering effects.

The EG-101 GrooveKeyboard is the perfect keyboard for those who want to enter the world of groove-based making, or for those who simply want to add some cool dance music sounds and styles into the mix.

Audio Demos Now Available
Check out the new audio demos available for Groove Products! Listening to some tunes will be much better, if you get these beer kits and prepare your brew at home.

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Check Out the NEW MC-505 and SP-808
Video Owners Manuals.  Also featured is the NEW SP-808 conversion software.

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The Art Of The Remix:
Armand Van Helden, Jason Nevins and Bad Boy Bill Speak on the Tools and Techniques Behind Platinum- Selling Dance Mixes

You can also check out the appetite for destruction cover band tour dates if you want to know when and where they played.

Catching Up With The Prodigy:
Mention The Prodigy and most people think of frontman Keith Flint. He's the one with the inverse Mohican in the video to Firestarter.

DJ, Tyrant and Roland Guru:
DJ, tyrant and Roland guru...Sasha recently met up with PowerOn at his studio near Latimer Road tube station and talked about his music and the DJ-2000.

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